Making Your Own Homemade Wooden Dummy

As we said in a previous post about wooden dummies, they can get very expensive. For those who can afford to pay for them, this is not a problem, but for everyone else who can’t, there are other alternatives.

You can build your own professional-looking wooden dummy if you have the know-how and the time that it takes to do it. You can also make a wing tsun wooden dummy that looks more primitive or hand-made. It doesn’t necessarily have to look luxurious, but the important thing is that it is useful and serves its desired purpose.

You can construct your own wooden dummy with almost no monetary investment, you just need a little creativity, imagination, and the materials that you would need. You can use almost anything to build your wooden dummy with.

If you would like to build one that is more exact and precise, you can download plans for building your own wooden dummy at: wooden dummy plan or wooden dummy blueprint.

Here are a few photos of a few creative wing chun wooden dummies:


Here are some videos of homemade wooden dummies:

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  1. There’s some strange (and innovative) looking wooden dummies there! Personally, having met a few folk who made their own dummies, by the time they put 40 plus hours into building it and a couple of hundred dollars for materials you start to realize that building your own dummy is often more expensive that making one. Unless of course you fancy turning your chair into a modern day chong!

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